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Arcanum: A kingdom of mages, warlocks and spellswords, as it’s name implies. Governed by the Order of the Arcane Soul, it is a land of magic and ruin due to the disastrous war decades ago, from which it is still recovering. Ruins dot the land, filled with treasure for those scavengers willing to deal with the perils.



Freie Stadt: A city staunch in it’s neutrality and willingness to trade with everyone, it is a haven for all sorts and a crown jewel coveted by many. Great wealth and power can be gained here by a hundred means, but nothing is stable; the noble houses are stirring, and the smell of revolution is in the air.

Kexoria: A land plagued with death, both literally and figuratively. Undead stalk the countryside and hamlets are known to regularly disappear overnight. Every day is a fight for survival as the Order of the Silver Eye struggles to hold back the tide of darkness with the threat of death present in every shadow. Only those with resolve of steel and pure hearts will prevail in this land, but who will answer the call?


Mek’low Rauh:


Raja: A wasteland, dominated by the Ljerka Empire, dotted by tribes, and home to the Dragon Council. Buried under the sand are the ruins of what Raja once was, a thriving land of progress and power. There are many opportunities to be had in such a place, but danger lurks behind every dark corner and bright smile.



Solijo Isles: A large collection of islands originally settled and brought to heel by Korbin explorers and soldiers, the area has gone under a sort of revolution with the natives turning to piracy aided by those who wish to see Korbin’s influence gone from the Isles. In the land of ropes and fortunes, peace is what you make for yourself.





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