On the cities of Raja Desert

In the Raja Desert (Hope Desert), there are three metropolises. Zhubin, to the west; Magda, to the east; and Drazen Ljerka, to the south. They are stereotyped as being militant, magical, and merchant oriented respectively, though in reality that is not the case. It was formed as such because the west has better access to Jagat Odhra (World of Pale Green) and consequently has more need for combat. Likewise, they also have a naturally better access to water. The east, however, lacks these resources, and so places a greater amount of importance on their planar links, which are used to bypass the Great Storm and allow enough to sustain them. This reliance on magic has raised its importance, and furthered several great studies. The south, on the other hand, is sometimes called “The Parent City”. This is because Drazen Ljerka is historically thought of as the orginal city in Raja. It is from here that the other cities expanded. It contains some of the oldest structures in the desert above the sand, and has strong magical ties. Its wealth and status makes it unassailable by the children cities, and it is even rumored that through Drazen Ljerka one could escape (or enter) the desert.

On Zhubin, Militant Capital of the West:

Zhubin, “the Spear”, is the metropolis located in the western sector of the Raja Desert. The first of the child cities to come about from Drazen Ljerka, it’s almost frontier personality has honed its fighting spirit. It is ruled by a council, with the majority of major members each leading one of the city’s three armies. Each army is broken down by a number accompanied by a piece of anatomy, followed by a numbered warding, which is followed either by squads or cells. For example, Rafiq Ghazi’s cell is the second cell of the fifteenth warding of the sixth heart of the first army.
Advancement in Zhubin is based on ingenuity and popularity, earned by accomplishments and deeds. Zhubin also tends to have a strong connection with

On Magda, Magical Capital of the East:

Magda, “the Tower”, is the research facility located in the eastern sector of the Raja Desert. Designed to study the Storm that was left from the time of the Wasting, its staff hopes to uncover the reason for the wasting, the powers that caused it, and whether the land can be restored. It is ruled as an academy or school would be, with a Headmaster leading the administration. While the main city populous was built around the Tower in order to create a stable and thriving environment, the Tower is what shields them from the brutal force of the Storm and the harsh landscape of the desert.

Raja Climate

*Night: Severe Cold at darkest point. Temperate otherwise.
*Twilight: Warm.
*Early morning/Late evening: Hot. Full sunlight: Severe to extreme heat.
1d4+1 dust storms per month. On a roll of three or higher, 50% chance of Sandstorms (no more than half the dust storms can become sandstorms). 25% chance of stand storm increasing in severity. Flame storms 1d2 times per year every two of three years. Dust devils 1d20 times per month of travel.

Raja Geographical Features

*The Maw: Mountain ring north of the Ljerka Empire.
*The Steppes: Rocky steps southeast of Arhiva and northeast of Ljerka. Home to Bhukas.


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